ForensicThis month we present once again an artist - or better said a group - that's active at Forensic. With more than 600 remixes, they are the remix communities unbeaten number one .

Forensic are four Hip-Hop MCs from california working together since 2006. The group's members are Speak Ez, Anacolis, Hennesy and Sol. Until today they produced and published one album "Music improvment". Sol, Hennesy and Anacolis were originally part of a group called BCW (beats cause war) in 2002 - 2004. 2006 they reunited, added Speak Ez and names themselves Forensic. Their style is pretty wide spread. From Backpack Unterground Hip-Hop, Mainstream and Gangsta-Rap, they can do everything. Each song they are looking for new ways to express themselves.

If it is good music its good music.
Solomon „Sol“ Lopez

Chosing the listening tip has never been more difficult - as written above, there are more than 600 remixes. After a long search, the following songs have been chosen. They show the differenz ways, the ccmixter artists work with forensic's raps.

Brad and Chuck (cc-by-nc) by MC Jack in the Box has been produced 2006. It is a medley based on an A-Capella-Track (CMixter jargon: "pella") and instrumental tracks from Brad Sucks' "Sick as a Dog".

Fuck You Up (Produce Game remix) (cc-by-nc) has been published less than a week og. Produce Game mixed the 2008's pellas "fuck you" and "ITS TIME" to a head nodder with a certain 8-bit-feeling.

Third time is a charm. Unplugged Hip-Hop by Alex. To use a radio classic: Feeling Good (cc-by-nc) might become 2010's summer hit. This song is based on a solo pella by Sol. An evening at the beach, a sailing ship at the horizion, dusk, a cool cocktail, the sun is going down... Let's dream!

Christian: Let's start with a classical question: Why do you give your music away for free?

Sol: Well we want people to be able to enjoy our music as much as we do. We also are trying to get a little more exposer. And providing some of our music as free downloads gives us that. Also being able to provide accapellas for DJs and Audio engineers has been great exposure as well.
*Are you a professional musician e.g. can you live from making music? * We have sold a good amount of albums at shows and performances but its nothing we are able to live on. We all have families and full time jobs to pay the bills and eat. We all have aspired to move to that next level and we continue to strive for that goal by releasing more projects, as well as colaborating with many different producers and DJs.

Christian: What do you think why forensic is that successful at ccmixter?

Sol: CCmixter has been great to us. We stumbled on the website a few years ago and submitted a few accapellas we were working on to see what would happen. The websites community is full of so many talented musicians and artist and we have so much respect for everything they do, especially when it is with our pellas. Why we are sucessful there? I think people like to remix us because we have so many different styles, topics and themes that we cover with our songs. Not just the party songs, but there are songs about love, struggle and overcoming adversity. Of course we do have some great party accapella tracks on there also. Also the recording quality of our vocals sound pretty good and I beleive people like to work with good sounding vocals.

Christian: Are there plans to produce forensic remix albums and sell them commercially?

Sol: No plans for a forensic remix album yet but it is somthing we have been considering. We have had a few contacts through ccmixter turn out some other project for us... i.e. compilations, and features. A DJ out of Japan did a small remix project of some of our work. Also a Drum and Bass company out of the UK (Dangerous New Age) saw our work on ccmixter and wanted to work out a deal for some of our pellas. So it has been cool to connect with people on the other side of the world who listen to our music.

Christian: At your website you list tracks ccmixter users know as forensic tracks in your solo albums? Are these the same tracks but performed only by you?

Sol: Our ccmixter account started out with Forensic pellas on it. I (Sol) also put a lot of my own pellas on there. I thought about creating a seperate account but it is just easier to manage if it is all in the same account. The website is my website that has the forensic album available for sale as well as some of my solo projects, which have some forensic tracks on it. If you click on the "Albums" link you can see what songs go to which album. It is a fairly new website I created to have a main website were all my/our songs our at. It is still in the works. I might create a free download page for some of my favorite ccmixter remixes on the website as well.

Christian: Why are certains tracks not available for sale? There are a few reasons. Some of those have copywrite issues with the beat and the samples used in it. So they are great to listen to but I cant make any profit off them. I have one track "Be Cool" that is actually a ccmixter remix I really like and its for free download and not for sale. Like I said, its a pretty new website and I haven't got it perfected yet.

Forensic -  Music ImprovementChristian: Are there also other solo 'pellas from forensic members?
There is a pella called Jeffrey that is done by Hennessy of Forensic. He has a recent album coming out and we are looking for a good mix of that song. His album should be released in June and will be available on the website. We will also put some of his track accapellas up once the album is released.

Christian: Do you have a favourite remix?

Sol: On ccmixter there are so many great remixes it is hard to choose from. If I had to choose my favorites its Be koo by lazzwell. It just has a great "hip hop " feel to it and the instrumentation and breakdowns behind it are great. Also the Dig Deep Mix by lasswell. Lasswell has not mixed on ccmixter for a while but he has remixed some of my favorites. He is a true musician and really knows his stuff.

Christian: Where can I buy the complete albums? And are the available on cd?

Sol: For complete album Downloads we should have it up and running on the website very shortly. We are trying to get a Forensic website didicated just to the group albums but have not completed it yet. As of right now you can download individual songs for .99 at my webseite . Also you can visit our myspace account at for downloads. For actual CDs you can email your request on the contact link of the website or email me personaly and we can work through paypal.

Sol as Reximer

Sol is not just rapping, he also released a couple of remixes at ccmixter. Try this electro remix FEAR THE AMERICANS (cc-by-nc) based on Marc_Deons "Amerikans":

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