Free! Music! Contest 2010 - The Sampler

Freeloaded - CoverTo promote Creative Commons licensed music and the musicians behind it, Musikpiraten e.V. launched this year once again the Free! Music! Contest. This year 130 artists and bands from more than 30 countries registered!

The great increase is the result of the great support of many bloggers, online magazines, free radios and internet radios, that spread the contest. A special mention goes out to our patron Cory Doctorow.

Additional stuff is (soon ;) available here. Let's start with the most important part, the


01 - Das frivole Burgfräulein - Erwachsen
02 - Shearer - What I Want Isn't You
03 - Mundtot - Haltet die Welt an
04 - Blake Teres - Be Cool
05 - Suff-X - Blowjobbers
06 - I Am Not Lefthanded - Boats (Swept Away)
07 - Square Flare - Mandala
08 - One Dice - Wake up Sleeper (Original Edit)
09 - The Kyoto Connection - Take On Me
10 - the nuri - Masquerade
11 - the.princess.and.the.pearl - Billows
12 - Mach FoX - Nu Dead Pretty
13 - Cautiva - Human
14 - Droegenbwoys - Warn A Brother
15 - Zoe.Leela - Destroy She Says
16 - Professor Kliq - Crystals
17 - Flint Hayerr - Vibration
18 - Fuchs und Elster - Dig for Coal
01 - David Rovics - The Commons
02 - Mind Map That - How Do Lesbians Have Sex?
03 - Dirk Becker - Gib laut
04 - Herbie Gaylord - Fear In The Kitchen
05 - Daoud & Kristobal - Téléchargez-nous
06 - Amity in Fame - The Villain
07 - Szarruk - Pegame Mas
08 - Ras Tilo - positive vibes
09 - Umbra Summi Nobis - Nebulosa
10 - Malandrómeda - Home Mákina
11 - The Pum'S - To Be Alive
12 - Ey Lou Flynn - Inside Job – cc-by-nc
13 - Binärpilot - Penguin (Rachael's Theme)
14 - Botany Bay - A Better Way
15 - lax-o-mat - Mamma Roots Daddy
16 - Fuzzy Tunes - Verquer
17 - Neo Bechstein - Elektro Rocker 3000 (pille, pepp & dosenbier)
18 - p.a.p - T-infinity


Free music should be in a free container format. Thus the sampler is available as OGG via BitTorrent. A MP3-Download is available here.

The sampler is also available in the eDonkey200-net. For OGG please follow this Link, for MP3s follow this one.

A HTTP download is also available: OGG MP3

Who does not want do downloat the pig in a poke, can give them a try with these two players - if flash is enabled.

For physical copies please use the contact form for shipping details.

If you just want to show, that you like the sampler - use the comment form or the flattr button. :)

More prices

Since we do not want to do all the work, you have participate in a public voting: Which act shall receive 10 T-Shirts from 3DSupply? The voting will be open till september 30th.

Please be nice and do not try to cheat. Otherwise we had to cancel the voting and restart!

We have another three prices, sponsore from, the Gadget Shop for Geeks and Nerds. This time, the random function from OpenOffice did the selection. :)

A music pillow flies ot to Reboot from spain..
An Equalizer-Shirt will soon be weared from the Sanchez Band, spain too.
Third time is a charm. A Bongo-Shirt goes out to Tetania from belarus.

The Jury

About 10 hours music had to be heard - and judged. This has been done by:
Jörgen ‚Mnementh’ Kosche, Edda Schmidt, Daniel Dotzel (Ambitio), Jens ‚Chili’ Hillmann, Marc ‚Murdelta’, Matthias Gutjahr (Numblog), Sven Krohlas (Darkerradio), Roland (Machtdose), René Walter (Nerdcore), Ronny Kraak (Kraftfuttermischwerk), Ryo, Daniel Wagner (Agentur Wagner Entertainment for your Brand), Nico Schipper (nicorola) , Timo ‚Geisterkarle’ Bauer, Michael Gregoire (Blocsonic), Micha Schmidt, Eric Sesterhenn (CCCMZ), Christian ‚Musikpirat’ Hufgard (Musikpiraten e.V.)


A challenge like this cannot be run without support and sponsors. We say thanks to:

Id KonsilJamendogetDigitalPiratenparteiDisc PartnerKreativfabrik Wiesbaden
Pimp My Side3D Supply

and Ulrich Bär als well as other donators.

The GFX guy

All graphics have been created by Bela Amadeus Beimer from Pimp My Side.

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